Erie Rotary Scholarship Foundation

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Donna Stone, President - 833-0293
Dennis Bort, Vice-President
Craig Schwegman, Secretary
Kathleen Horan, Treasurer
David Costa, Trustee
John Blakeslee, Trustee

The Scholarship Foundation was established on November 28, 1956 as a separate corporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by members of the Rotary Club of Erie.

The business and affairs of the Foundation are managed by the Board of Trustees having seven Rotary Club members. The Foundation is a 501 (c)(6) organization and contributions are tax deductible.

Through the Foundation, worthy high school seniors in our public schools in the City of Erie, may acquire needed financial help in paying for their first year of college which might otherwise be unavailable to them because of economic circumstances.  

Each year the Foundation awards $1,500 or more to each of eight students among Central High School, East High School, Collegiate Academy and Strong Vincent High School candidates.

Each award recipient was suggested by their high school counselor, wrote an essay on Service Above Self and was interviewed by Foundation Trustees.

The Foundation awards are funded by various means, one of which is tax deductible personal contributions by members and others who believe our youth is our future. To learn more please contact us by clicking on Committees, finding Scholarship Foundation and emailing or calling our President.

You many download a PDF brochure found on the Home Page in the Downloads section.

The Foundation celebrates its 50th Anniversary on November 28, 2006.